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ID Tech iMag iPhone 4 - Mobile Card Reader

  • ID Tech iMag iPhone 4 - Mobile Card Reader
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Product Description

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The iMag iPhone card reader is compatible with iPhone 4. Just make sure you get the right one since the design varies slightly to accommodate each phone. The form factor of the iMag is a sled, so it slides onto the iPhone and covers about half of the back, but it doesn’t envelop the phone completely like a case would. Still, the iPhone fits snugly in the sled and the iMag itself is made of durable black plastic.

The hardware interfaces with the iPhone through the Apple 30-pin connector dock. A mini-USB port is located on the right side of the iPhone card reader that you can use to charge the iPhone with pass-through power.

The credit card swiper has a magstripe card reader that can read all three tracks of card data on the magnetic stripe. The mobile swiper also supports bi-directional card reading, so you can swipe the card in either direction.

The physical orientation of the swiper is unique to the iMag. Whereas most iPhone card readers are parallel to the iPhone (either on top or on the side), the iMag is positioned so that the credit card is swiped perpendicular to the face of the iPhone. This 90° swipe approach isn’t necessarily better or worse than other methods, though it is noticeably more accommodating to left-handed users than the traditional right-side swiper of other card reader peripherals.

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Whereas some iPhone card readers are exclusively tied to a certain iPhone app and even a particular merchant service, the iMag is very flexible. The iMag is resold through a number of mobile credit card processing merchant service providers and works with a variety of iPhone apps, including:

The additional features and benefits will vary from app to app but can be used to calculate sales tax, prompt for tips, geo-tag transactions, capture customer signatures, issue refunds, record shipping details, email receipts and more.

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The full scope of mobile credit card processing security will depend on the app and merchant service provider you use, but the iMag itself is very secure. The iPhone card reader is PCI compliant, which means it adheres to the strict standards set by the Payment Card Industry.

The iMag uses secure encryption (TDES and AES standards with DUKPT key management) technology to secure sensitive cardholder data as it transfers from the iMag to the iPhone, through the payment gateway network and beyond. Private data is never stored on your iPhone, which protects customers from fraud and merchants from increased liability.


The ID Tech iMag is a practical portable credit card swiper. The physical design and multi-app functionality make at a well-balanced option for many mobile merchants. While it’s neither the most feature-filled nor the most professional iPhone card reader, the iMag is a good mobile credit card swiper for what it’s worth.

Compatible with many Apple, LG, Motorola, and Samsung devices.

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