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Environmental Initiative

Our Mission:          

World Business Supply, LLC only offers for sale; products from nationally and internationally certified manufacturers that meet or exceed the FSCA qualifications for environmental standards and practices for the conservation and preservation of the environment.  We select our manufacturers based on the qualifications and certifications they posess through accredited environmental agencies.  World Business Supply, LLC purchases paper through manufacturers that posesses The Mark Of Responsible Forestry Certification, PEFC Certification, & the Sustainable Foresty Initiative Certification.   Forests are an integral part of life on this planet, and through selling paper products, we accept the responsibility for the products we sell, and guaruntee they are from responsible manufacturers.  Through communication, technology, and inter-band feedback, we are consistently moving forward to reduce our carbon footprint as a company, as well as help in funding for scientific research for more fuel efficient ways to produce energy and to increase the yield of carbon-based paper products. 

Business is important, staying competative is important, but the Environment is most important.


Toner Recycling Program:

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